Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge is within walking distance from downtown Launceston.

Bay of Fires

Rocks in the Bay of Fires are covered in a vibrant orange lichen. Despite the firey coloration of the lichen, the Bay of Fires was actually named because European explorers spotted dozens of campfires along the shoreline set by aboriginal peoples living in the area.

Devil's Corner is at the junction of the Tasman Highway and Sherbourne Road along the Great Eastern Drive. There is a tower with sweeping views towards the Freycinet Peninsula and Devil's Corner Cellar Door offering local wines.


Tasmania's east coast has an abundance of fresh seafood. The Fish Van is in the parking lot where boats depart for Maria Island and offers massive portions of fried fish at an excellent price. Be warned, you may be swarmed by seagulls while you eat.